Transforming the digital landscape through innovative discussions, dynamic pitches, and insightful keynotes

Sneak Peek into the Event's Schedule:

08:00 AM - 09:00 AM IST

Registration and Networking

09:20 AM - 09:25 AM IST

Lighting of the Lamp
A traditional inauguration ceremony with esteemed guests, symbolizing enlightenment and the start of the event.

09:25 AM - 09:30 AM IST

Welcome Speech
 Overview of the summit's goals and agenda, highlighting the significance of blockchain technology.

09:30 AM - 09:45 AM IST

Address from Chief Guest
Insights on the importance of blockchain and its potential to revolutionize various sectors.

09:45 AM - 10:00 AM IST

Message from Guest of Honour
Impact of blockchain on industries, with success stories and real-world applications.

10:00 AM - 10:15 AM IST

Blockchain for Bharat (KEYNOTE)
Exploring blockchain's role in India's economic growth with case studies on financial inclusion, governance, and digital infrastructure.

10:15 AM - 10:30 AM IST

International and Local Aspects of Blockchain Development (KEYNOTE)
Comparative analysis of blockchain advancements globally and locally, highlighting best practices and collaboration potential.

10:30 AM - 11:15 AM IST

Decentralization and Governance: Exploring the Shift Towards Distributed Systems (PANEL)
Benefits and challenges of decentralized systems, with real-world examples of transformation in governance.

11:15 AM - 11:30 AM IST

Building a Sustainable Future: Tech for Circular Economy (KEYNOTE)
How blockchain supports sustainability through supply chain transparency, waste reduction, and resource optimization.

11:30 AM - 12:15 PM IST

The Role of Investors in Shaping the Blockchain Ecosystem (PANEL)
Investors' perspectives on blockchain opportunities, investment strategies, and success stories.

12:15 PM - 01:00 PM IST

Startup Pitches of the Decade
Leading blockchain startups present innovative ideas to industry experts and potential investors.

01:00 PM - 02:00 PM IST

Lunch Break

02:00 PM - 02:45 PM IST

Driving the Growth of Digital Public Infrastructure (PANEL)
Case studies of blockchain projects enhancing digital identity, land registry, and public service delivery.

02:45 PM - 03:30 PM IST

Championing Policy and Advocacy for Women in Tech (PANEL)
Promoting women's participation in tech and blockchain, highlighting success stories and advocacy initiatives.

03:30 PM - 04:15 PM IST

How Blockchain is Shaping the Global Economy (PANEL)
 Exploring blockchain's impact on financial systems, supply chains, and international trade.

04:15 PM - 04:30 PM IST

Revolutionizing Defence and Agritech through the Synergy of Drones and Blockchain Technology (KEYNOTE)
 Transforming defence and agritech with drone technology and blockchain for secure data, enhanced surveillance, and precision farming.

04:30 PM - 04:45 PM IST

Trusting the Trustless Technology (KEYNOTE)
Building trust in blockchain technology through security features like immutability and transparency.

04:45 PM - 05:30 PM IST

Blockchain as a Driver of Digital Transformation (PANEL)
How blockchain enhances business processes, data management, and enables new business models.

05:30 PM - 05:45 PM IST

Vote of Thanks Towards Making India a Global Blockchain Hub
Appreciation for participants and organisers, reflecting on key takeaways and envisioning India's future in blockchain.
      ** Tentative Agenda **

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